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IPX3-6 Rain Test Chamber 
Description: IPX3-6 waterproof test chamber combines the oscillating tube with jet hose nozzles in one system Model: IPX3-6

IPX3-6 Rain Test Chamber

1. Introduction

IPX3-6 waterproof test chamber combines the oscillating tube with jet hose nozzles in one system, it meets the requirement of IEC60529 regarding the IP level IPX3, IPX4, IPX5 and IPX6. Waterproof test simulates the condition of water jets and powerful water jets, which is mainly applied to electronic products, luminaire, electric components, motor and house-holding appliance. The waterproof test can help to judge the products’ performance, and provide the basis for design, improve and inspect.

The inner box and turntable is made by SUS304 stainless steel with thickness of 1.2mm, which can against the water impact. The outer box is made of high quality steel covered with paint. Built in water tank and with ball valve to control water level, the water can be recycled. The system is controlled by Panasonic PLC and 7 inch touch screen, user is easy to operate the tests.

2. Features

1). Used for IPX3, IPX4, IPX5, IPX6 waterproof testing

2). The oscillating tube is driven by Chinese branded servo stepper motor, speed and angle can be adjusted accurately.

3). Jet hose nozzles strictly designed according to IEC60529, Φ6.3mm nozzle for IPX5, Φ12.5mm for IPX6. The nozzles is controlled by stepper motor to swing up and down, this function can make sure the surface of the specimen is almost be all sprayed.

4). The water filter is installed on water supply line, which can filter impurities in water and prevent the nozzle from block.

5). The turntable is driven by stepper motor, the speed can be preset on touch screen, and can control forward and reverse rotation.

6). The test box is installed with a specimen power outlet (AC220V/10A) to support live test, on and off time is controlled within 0-999min (on)~0-999min (off) , which is applied to on-off test.

7). Built-in water tank, the water can be recycled, and no need to build a professional waterproof test room. The water level is controlled by ball valve with alarm.

8). Transparent observation window made of toughened glass material, working chamber equipped with LED lighting, user can observe the specimen during the test.

9). Controller: Adopts 7 inch touch screen and Panasonic PLC

3. Parameters:

Control System

7 inch touch screen +PLC

Inner Chamber Dimension

900*900*900 (W*D*H)

Outer Dimension

1350*3400*1950mm (L*D*H)

IPX3-4 Parameter

Tube Radius (mm)

R400 (R200 for optional)

Delivery Rate (L/min)

IPX3=1.8L/min, IPX4=2.6L/min

Aperture of nozzles (mm)


Space between Nozzles (mm)


Inner Diameter of Tube (mm)


Tube Angle

1200 (IPX3), 3600 (IPX4)

Tube Speed

4s for 2*1200, 12s for 2*3600

Flow Control Mode

Manual control

IPX5-6 Parameters

Aperture diameter of IPX5 nozzle (mm)


Aperture diameter of IPX6 nozzle (mm)


Delivery rate for IPX5 (L/min)


Delivery rate for IPX6 (L/min)


Distance from specimen


Nozzles Swing Mode

UP-Down swing (angle, speed adjustable)

Flow Control Mode

Manual control

Turntable Parameters

Diameter of Turntable (mm)


Speed of Turntable


Height of Turntable



Electric leakage, hydropenia, short circuit

Working Power (V)


Power (KW)



IEC60529:1989+A1:1999, GB4208-2008, GB7000.1(IPX3, IPX4, IPX5, IPX6)

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