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IP5/6X Dustproof Test Chamber 
Description: Dustproof test chamber, environmental chamber Model: PG-SC

IP5X and IP6X Dust Test Chamber

1. Introduction

Dust chamber is designed according to the standards of GB/T10485-2007, GB2423.37-2006 test L, GB208-2008, IEC60529 (IP code), GB7001-1986 and etc. This equipment is mainly used in IP5X and IP6X testing about the leakproofness of the enclosure.

Dust chamber is for IP5X and IP6X testing, the power shall be able to pass through a square-meshed sieve the nominal wire diameter of which is 50μm and the nominal width of a gap between wires 75 μm.

IP5X dustproof test chamber: the protection is satisfactory if the power has no accumulated in a quality which may interface the correct operation and cause harmful to equipment.

IP6X dustproof test chamber: the protection is satisfactory if no deposit of dust is observable inside the enclosure at the end of the test

2. Feature
1. Adopts LCD color display and touch screen. The PLC is made by Panasonic.
2. The shell of the dustproof test chamber adopts 3042B stainless steel.
3. Sand and dust: Dry powder,portland cement paste and etc.
4. Temperature control: adopt RKCDC temperature controller, 5~60℃ adjustable.
5. Safety device: leakage protection, overheat protection

3. Parameter






Working dimension(mm)





Working power

AC 380V±10%, 50Hz

Temperature range


Time range


Dust concentration


Working condition

Temperature≤25℃, humidity:≤85%R.H.

IP waterproof test equipment:

1.Drip Box (IPX1/IPX2): for IPX1 and IPX2 test. IPX1:1±0.5mm/min, IPX2: 3±0.5mm/min (1-3mm/min adjustable); Material: 304# steel (water tank), Panasonic speed regulator motor; Drop of aperture:0.4mm, pitch-row:20mm; test time: 0-999min (adjustable). Support base: 150mm*800mm.

2. Oscillating tube (IPX3/IPX4): for IPX3 and IPX4 test. Swing pipe size: R600mm/R800mm/R1000mm; Material of pipe: SUS304 (OD:19mm, thickness: 2mm); Drop of aperture:0.4mm; spray nozzle angle: 1200 (IPX3), 1800(IPX4). Delivery rate:0-10L/min (adjustable). Swing speed: 4s for IPX3, 12s for IPX4. Motor: made by Mitsubishi.

3. 6.3mm/12.5mm jet hose nozzle (IPX5/IPX6):  for IPX5 and IPX6 test.Internal diameter of the nozzle: 6.3mm (IPX5), 12.5mm (IPX6); delivery rate: 12.5L±5/min (IPX5), 100L±5/min (IPX6); distance between nozzle and test product: 2.5-3m. 7 inch LCD touch screen. Sample rotation base: Ø700mm, speed: 1-5 rpm), height: 800-1300mm.

4. Temporary immersion tank(IPX7): for IPX7 test.Dimension: 2000mm*1000mm*1500mm, height: 1650mm; water mark: 1000mm; material: 1.5mm 304# steel (inner), 201# steel (outer).

5. Continuous immersion tank(IPX8): for IPX8 test. Diameter: 0.8m, height: 1m; pressure: 0-0.35MPa, accuracy: 0.25, range:0.6Mpa; test time: 0-99h; max pressure: 0.5Mpa. Depth: 1-30m; material: 304# steel; connect with water supply with 3/4 inch high pressure steel.

6. High Pressure and Temperature Test Chamber (IPX9K): for IPX9K test according to DIN40050-9 figure 7 and ISO20653 figure 8 and 9. Numbers of nozzle: 4,  jet angle: 0°30°60°90°,  water pressure:  8000-10000Kpa, temperature: R.T.~80℃.

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