How to choose a right size equipment for IP testing?

Issuing time:2017-11-07 15:34Author:Pego TesterSource:Pego Tester

Nowadays, the customized equipment is more and more popular to the customers, choose a right size equipment is obviously better than a mass equipment. Pego can design the IP waterproof testing equipmentaccording to the size of EUT.

Most customer do not know how to choose a right size equipment, they declared that they have samples in many sizes, and they do not know which size is the one we need. Actually, our equipment is designed according the max and min size of the samples. Tell us the max size and sharp of the sample, then we can design the most suitable IP waterproof testing equipment for you. What we need is:

1. The max size of the sample.

2. The min size of the sample.

3. The IP rating you want.

The three points are the basic information to order the IP waterproof testing equipment. If you are just looking for the IP sets, please contact us to get more information by

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