How to choose the IK code test apparatus?

Issuing time:2015-06-10 18:28

IK coding system is to indicate the degrees of protection provided by enclosures for electrical equipment against harmful external mechanical impact, which is given by IEC62262. The code is consisted by codes letters (IK) and characteristic group numbers (00 to 10), and each characteristic group number standards for an impact value, the values as below:

In order to give a common standard to electrotechnical equipment, IEC60068-2-75 enviromental testing regarding hammer tests mentions three kinds of tool, pendulum hammer, spring hammer, and vertical hammer. To obtain repeatable and reproducible results, the test is more depends on the details of apparatus.

The choice of the test apparatus depends on the orientation of the surface to be tested and on the energy level. Not all methods can be used in every case. It is self-evident that a pendulum hammer can only be used on vertical surfaces without overhangings. Similarly the vertical hammer can normally only be used on accessible horizontal surfaces. When the specimen cannot be moved or turned, for any reason, the choice is limited. The advantage of the spring hammer is that it can be used in any position, provided there is enough room to apply it correctly, and that the specified impact energy does not exceed 2J. For higher energy levels, a spring hammer would be too difficult to handle, and could even be hazardous for the operator.

Hammer test is widely applied to electric appliance, lamp and etc. For example, according to IEC60598-1-2008 clause 4.13.1, all the LED lamps requires do the hammer impact test.

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