Withstand Voltage Tester

Issuing time:2018-10-15 15:29

Withstand voltage tester can be called electrical insulation strength tester, dielectric strength tester, high voltage tester, hipot tester and etc. Its woking pricinple is: a specified AC or DC high voltage is applied between the live part of the appliance and the non-charged part (generally the outer casing) to check the ability of the electrical insulating material to against the high voltage, the voltage applied will only produce a small leakage current, then the insualtion performance is good.

In the long-term work, the electrical appliance not only has to bear the rated working voltage, but also withstands the overvoltage effect caused by the short-time higher than the rated working voltage during the operation (the overvoltage value may be several times higher than the rated working voltage), under the action of these voltages, the internal structure of the electrically insulating material will change. When the overvoltage strength reaches a certain value, the insulation of the material will break down, the electrical appliance cannot be operated normally, and the operator may get an electric shock, which will endangering personal safety. The main indexes of electrical safety inclues AC/DC withstand voltage, insulating resistance, leakage current, ground resistance and etc. The AC/DC withstand voltage test is used to verify the electrical safety performance of the product under actual working conditions and it is one of the important indicators for verifying the electrical safety performance of the equipment.

The test voltage range and alarm leak current value are the most important index for hipot tester, generally, in the standard of products under test will specify the high voltage value applied and the current to be judged. PEGO has full set of withstand voltage tester for optional according to customers demands.

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