Electrostatic Discharge Generator
  • Product class: Products EMC&EMI Test System
  • Product describe:Electrostatic discharge generator, ESD gun, ESD simulator
  • Electrostatic Discharge Generator (ESD-2000Q)

    1. Introduction:
    ESD simulator (ESD gun) is completely meet the requirements of IEC61000-4-2 (EN61000-4-2) and GB/T17626.2. The ESD generator is designed for the assessment of electrical and electronic equipment to withstand ESD performance. Electrostatic discharge generator is widely apply to the fields of industry control equipment, household appliance, chemical electronics,communication electronics,components, auto control equipment and etc. 

    2. Parameters:
    ● Contact discharge:0.1-20kV ±3% (ESD-2000Q), 0.1-30kV ±3%(ESD-2005Q)
    ● Air discharge: 0.1-20kV ±3%(ESD-2000Q),0.1-30kV ±3%(ESD-2005Q)
    ● Holding time >5s
    ● Polarity of output voltage: Positive, negative, positive/negative auto
    ● Trigger mode:Single,counting,20pps,other
    ● Discharge interval:0.05~99.99s
    ● Numbers of discharge:1~9999
    ● Energy storage capacitance:150pF ±10%(replaceable)
    ● Discharge resistor:330Ω ±10%(replaceable)
    ● Rising time: 0.8ns ±25%

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