IEC60695 Needle Flame Tester
  • Product class: Products Electrical Safety Tester
  • Product describe:The needle flame tester is strictly designed according to IEC60695 and GB5169
  • Needle Flame Tester

    Needle Flame Tester is made according to Standard IEC60695 and GB5169, meanwhile it’s a synthesis test equipment that can meet related standard requirements. It’s mainly used to simulate technical evaluation interior equipment. It’s applied to the risk of ignition test of electrotechnical equipment, parts and elements, also suitable for the risk of ignition test of solid electrical insulating materials or other combustible material.
    In order to improve the precision and stability of the Needle Flame Tester, adopt singlechip (SCM) microcomputer and touch screen control, high-precision thermometer independent electronic control system. It can solve the actual conversion accuracy of PLC system digifax can’t reach, also improve the ability of anti-interference.

    Technical Parameters

    Burner Angel

    0°, 20°,45°

    Flame Height


    Needle burner

    Height above35mm, Stainless steel needle Φ0.9mm-Φ0.5mm

    Standard Copper Block


    Check time


    Temperature Test

    MAX1050  ±0.1


    RS (British), Type KΦ0.5, accuracy ±0.05

    Gas variety

    Butane or purity above 95% Propane