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IEC61000-4-5 10KV Lightning Surge Generator

Description The LSG-1020 Surge Generator is a auto equipment designed according to IEC61000-4-5 and GB/T17626.5 Model LSG-1020

10KV Lightning Surge Generator

1. Introduction

Lightning Surge Generator is a auto equipment designed according to IEC61000-4-5 and GB/T17626.5, and completely meet the requirements of the standards. It is widely used in the fields of industry control equipment, house-holding appliance, medical electronics, communications electronics,components, auto control equipment and etc.

Lightning surge generator is to simulate the surge voltage caused by switching transient and lightning transient, the surge test is to found out the surge voltage effect to EUT in normal working condition. This model can generate both 1.2/50, 8/20 µs combination wave. The test voltage is up to 10KV, user can choose and define the test levels. The parameters of waveform for surge voltage and waveform for surge current is strictly meet the standard requirements of IEC61000-4-5.   The generator is built in a 380V/20A coupling and decoupling network.

2. Features

● 7 inch LCD touch screen, with plentiful functions, easy to operate and update the software.

● Programmable, with 1000 groups memories

● Built-in voltage and current monitor to obtain breakdown voltage and current at real time.

● Built-in EUT working voltage and current monitor, protect at overvoltage and overcurrent.

● Built in overvoltage, overcurrent and short circuit protection.

● Voltage error and no output warning.

● Intelligent judge the abnormal of voltage and surge output.

3. Parameter

Output voltage (open)

0.2-10kV ±5%

Front time

1.2μs ±30

Time to half-value

50μs ±20

Output current (short)


Front time

8μs ±20

Time to half-value

20μs ±20

Output polarity

Positive, negative, positive/negative automatically

Output impedance

2Ω±10, 500Ω±10

Trigger mode

Synchronization, asynchronization

Inject phase

Freely set at 0360°resolution:1°

Trigger mode

Auto or manual, single

Surge times

1-9999 times


1000 groups, built in IEC standard

Surge interval


Built in network capacity

3 phase, 380V/20A

Coupling mode

L1-N,L2-N,L3-N, L1-PE,L2-PE,L3-PE,N-PE

Coupling device

18μF capacitance (L-N), 10Ω resistor+9μF capacitance (L-PE)

Working environment

Temperature:15°C35°C humidity:10%75%

Power supply


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