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Test Probe 1 ( 50mm test Sphere )

Description Designed according to IEC61032 figure 5, meet the requirement of IEC60529-IP Model ST500

Test Probe 1 for IP1X Testing ( 500g steel test sphere )

1. Introduction:

Test probe 1 (500g test sphere) is designed according to IEC61032 figure 5, meet the requirement of IEC60529-IP. The diameter of the sphere is 50mm+0.05.

Test probe 1 is for IP1X testing, it means for the protection against solid foreign objects of Φ50mm or greater.

2. Specification:

1) Diameter of sphere: 50mm+0.05

2) Weight of the sphere:500g

3) Material: steel

3. IP code Test Probe Kits:

Test Probe A for IP10 Testing: Φ50 sphere with handle

Test Probe B for IP20 Testing: jointed test finger

Test probe C for IP30 Testing: Φ2.5 rod-length 100

Test Probe D for IP40 Testing: Φ1.0 wire-length 100

Test Probe 1 for IP10 Testing: 500g steel sphere

Test Probe 2 for IP20 Testing: 15g steel sphere

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