FAQ for IP Waterproof Testing Equipment

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Question 1: What should we do if the nozzles do not spray water?


1). Firstly, user should check the water filter if it should be changed.

2).Secondly, the air compressor can be used to air dry the nozzles to check if they are clogged.

3). Replace with spare nozzles and try again.

Question 2: How to maintain the IPX34 osillating tubes?


1). The waterproof test machine needs to be placed in a ventilated position as it has been dealing with water for year round.

2). A very important and easily ignored problem: remember to lock the wheels when placing the test equipment, so as to avoid the test equipment running around and affecting the accuracy of the test results.

3). IPX3-4 osillating tube is differ from IPX12 drip box, the nozzle is less than IPX12 drip box. Therefore, the equipment do not need air compressor for drying. Because of this, the durability of the IPX34 environmental rain test chamber is weakened.

4). Regularly to check the water filter at the back of the equipment, to avoid blocking the nozzles.   

5). When the test equipment is often not used, the power should be unplugged to avoid long-term standby and increase the consumption of electronic components.

Question 3: How to operate the IPX9K high temperature and pressure jetproof testing equiment at the condition of 80℃ and 8000~10000Kpa?


1). Power on the equipment and start the heating system.

2). Fix the specimen on the turntable

3). Adjust the distance between specimen and spray nozzle at the range of 100mm to 200mm ( the length of spray nozzle can be adjusted).

4). Wait for the water to heat up to 80℃, and select the test time for IPX9K test.

5). Wait for a period time to open the door after the test finished (The inner box will form a lot of water steam during the test which may cause scald).

6). Do not take out the specimen under tested by hand to avoid burns.

7). Take the specimen to lab for inpection.

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