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IEC60112 Tracking Index Tester

Description The Tracking Index Tester is designed according to the IEC60112 standard. Model TI-1

Tracking Index Test Apparatus

1. Introduction

The tracking index test is an accelerated experiment to simulate the conductive substances deposited on the surface of the solid insulating material of household appliances, and assess if conducting paths formed gradually will cause the creepage on the surface of insulating materials, breakdown short circuit and fire hazard

The tracking index test apparatus is a equipment designed to conduct the tracking index testing, and can meet the test requirements of   IEC60112, UL746A, GB.T4207, GB4706.1 and TMD 3628-92. On the surface of the solid insulating material, a certain voltage is applied between the platinum electrodes (2 mm × 5 mm) , and drops the pollution liquid (0.1% NH4CL) with specified droplet volume in fixed height (35mm) for 30s to evaluate the resistance of the surface of solid insulating materials under the combined action of electric field and contaminated medium, and its Comparative tracking index (CTI) and proof tracking index (PTI) are determined.

This equipment is controlled by single chip and push buttons. The test apparatus is built-in air exhaust, the front panel is transparent for easy observation of the experimental process.

Proof Tracking Index (PTI): the voltage value of the material subjected to 50 drops of electrolyte without electrical tracking, the unit is volt.

Comparative Tracking Index (CTI): The highest voltage value at which the surface of the material can withstand 50 drops of electrolyte without forming electrical tracking, the unit is volt.

2. Parameter

Control units

single chip and push buttons.

Electrode material

platinum (Pt)   purity≥ 99%

Electrode size

2mm±0.1mm)×(5mm±0.1mm)×(40mm±5mm), length≥12mm, Angle of chisel-edged: 30°±2°

Electrode distance

4.0mm±0.1mm, angle: 60°±5°

Electrode pressure


Electrode voltage


Height of the drops

35mm±5mm adjustable

Size of drops

20 drops:   0.380g~0.480g, 50 drops: 0.997g~1.147g

Interval of the drops

30s±5s, 50 drops: 24.5min±2min

Test solutions resistance

Solution A: 0.1%NH4Cl, 3.95±0.05Ωm, solution B: 1.7±0.05Ωm

Number of drops

0~9999 (presettable, record and display)

Test wind speed


Short circuit current drop

1.0A±0.1A drop 10%

Leakage indicator

0.50A±10% , 2.00s±10%

Thermal radiation baffle

Automatic masking

Safe operation interface

automatically power off upon open the glass window


IEC60112, UL746A, ASTM D 3638-92, DIN 53480

Working studio

0.5m3 ( customizable 0.1m3, 0.5m3 or 0.75m3 according to different standard), exhaust hole: Φ100mm

Outer dimension

600mm (W)*500mm (D)*1000mm (H)

Working Power

220V/50-60Hz, 0.6KVA

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