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IEC60238 Test Caps for Lampholder E14

Description Meet the requirement of IEC60238 figure 5, figure 11 and figure  13 Model E14C

IEC60238 Test Caps for Lampholder E14

BS EN60238 Figure 5 Test caps for lampholder E14

BS EN60238 Figure 11 Test Caps for Lampholder E14

BS EN60238 Figure 13 test cap A and Test cap B for Lampholder E14

About the test gauges:

1. Lamp cap and Lampholder Gauges are designed according to IEC60061-3, it is also be called to go / no go gauge.

2. The structure and sharp (like thread waveform) of gauges for lamp cap and lampholder are calculated and optimized by computer, and then process by computer machine to reach high precision and nice-looking.

3. The lamp cap and lampholder gauges (go no go gauge) is made by high-hardness alloy, and handle with QPQ composite infiltration which greatly improved the abilities of rust prevention and wear resistance, the rockwell hardness can reach HR580 above, the service life is more than 3-5 times longer than ordinary gauges.

4. The Lamp cap and Lampholder gauges can pass the calibration of the third-party institute, and get the calibration certificate.

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