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IEC60695 Needle Flame Tester

Description The needle flame tester is strictly designed according to IEC60695 and GB5169 Model NF-1

Needle Flame Tester

1. Introduction

Needle flame tester is designed according to IEC60695-11-5(IEC60695-2-2). It is applicable to ignition hazard test, combustibility test of electronic industry and home electronic appliance. The equipment specifies a needle-flame test to simulate the effect of a small flame which may result from fault conditions, in order to assess product and material’s ignition risk and fire resistance by a simulation technique the fire.

The Needle Flame Tester consists of a dia.0.9mm needle burner that tilts to 45 degree from the vertical and is fueled with butane gas. The fire hazard of the specimen is assessed by measuring the burning duration of the specimen, and any ignition of the wrapping tissue and white pine board below the specimen.

The needle flame test apparatus is controlled by single chips and push buttons, the shell is made of stainless steel. The test apparatus is built-in air exhaust. The front panel is transparent for easy observation of the experimental process.

2. Specification

Control system

single chips and push buttons


Inner diameter: Φ 0.5mm ± 0.1mm

Outer diameter: ≤Φ 0.9mm

Length: 35mm,

Material: stainless steel

Burner angle

450 or 900

Ignition layer

White pine board with thickness 10mm, and cover with wrapping tissue 12g/m2 ~30g/m2

Application time

0-999.9s±0.1s adjustable (normally 30s)

Burning duration

0-999.9s±0.1s (auto record, manual pause)

Flame height

12mm ± 1mm (adjustable), Measuring with a steel ruler

Burn gas

≧95% butane gas or propane gas (prepare by user)

Flame requirement

rising time from 100℃±2℃ to 700℃±3℃ should within 23.5s±1s


Φ0.5mm K type thermocouple (The insulating sleeve heat resist to 1100 ℃)

Temperature sensor

Copper with Φ4mm and 0.58±0.1g weight, equip with K type thermocouple

Thermal radiation baffle

Automatic masking

Safe operation interface

automatically power off upon open the glass window

Test space

≥ 0.5m3 , matte black background, illuminance ≤ 20Lux, exhaust hole: Φ70mm (Power on automatic work)

Test period

auto control

Pick-up tray


Gas calibration device

Built-in temperature measuring box, gas calibration can be executed before test


Wrapping tissue, flat smooth wooden board, height gauges and etc..


IEC60695-11-5 (IEC60695-2-2), EN60695, GB/T51669.5, GB4706.1

Equipment size

1000mm(W)*650mm(D)*1300mm (H)

Power supply

AC220±10%, 50Hz, 0.3KVA

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