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IEC60950-1 Test Probe Kits

Description The test probe kits are meet the requirement of IEC60950-1 Model PG-TP60950

IEC60950-1 Test Probe Kits

1. Introduction

The test probe kits are meet the requirement of IEC60950-1, includes jointed test finger, test pin, unjointed test finger, TNV test probe and wedge probe, they are applied to test the person’s protection from live parts and hazardous parts of information technology equipment.

2. Specification


Figure number


Jointed test finger (test probe B)

IEC60950-1 figure 2A

IEC61032 figure 2

Purpose:Protection of person’s finger from live parts


1). Diameter of dactylogryposis: Φ12mm

2). Length of dactylogryposis: 80mm

3). Diameter of baffle. Φ50mm

4). Length of baffle: 100mm

Test pin (test probe 13)

IEC60950-1 figure 2B

IEC61032 figure 9

Purpose: Protection against access to hazardous live parts in class 0 equipment and class II equipment


1). Diameter: Φ3mm (head), Φ4mm (tails)

2). Length of probe: 15mm

3). Diameter of baffle: Φ25mm

4). Thickness of baffle: 4mm

Test probe

IEC60950-1 figure 2C

Purpose: Protection against access to bare parts of TNV circuits.


1). Diameter of the probe: Φ12mm

2). Length of the probe: 80mm

3). Diameter of baffle: Φ50mm

4). Thickness of baffle: 5mm

Straight unjointed test finger with 30N force (test probe 11)

IEC60950-1 clause

IEC61-32 figure 7

Purpose: protection of persons against access to hazardous parts

Specification: the size is as same as test probe B, but without joints, 30N force is applied.

Wedge probe

IEC60950-1 figure EE.1 and EE.2

Purpose:protection from contact hazardous moving parts, including the shredding rollers/mechanisms.


1). Diameter of the probe: Φ50mm

2). Length of the probe: 300mm

3). Length of first tip: 30mm

4). Length of second tip: 60mm

5). Length of third tip: 100mm

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