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IPX1 to IPX4 Comprehensive Test Chamber

Description PX1-4 waterproof test chamber combines the oscillating tube and drip box in one system, it meets the requirement of IEC60529 regarding the IP level IPX1, IPX2, IPX3 and IPX4. Model IPX14BS

IPX1 to IPX4 Comprehensive Test Chamber (Drip Box+Oscillating Tube)

1. Introduction

IPX1-4 waterproof test chamber combines the oscillating tube and drip box in one system, it meets the requirement of IEC60529 regarding the IP level IPX1, IPX2, IPX3 and IPX4. The comprehensive test chamber is consisted by oscillating tube, drip board, turntable, water tank, control units (touch screen+PLC), flowmeter and etc.. The oscillating tube, drip board, turntable and walls are made of SUS304 stainless steel. The test chamber is built-in a water tank, the water can be recycled. 4 casters are placed on the bottom of the chamber to make it can be moved easily.

2. Features

● For IPX1, IPX2, IPX3, IPX4   testing

● The inner wall of the equipment and turntable are made by SUS304# stainless steel, to ensure rustless.

● The water supply pipeline is equipped with a filter, which can filter the impurities in the water and prevent the nozzle from being blocked.

● The water tank is built-in the equipment, the water can be recycled. Auto to control the water level with the help of Water floating ball valve, and alarm at high or low level to protect from the damage caused by low water level.

● The drip board for IPX1 and IPX2 tests adopts vacuum design and is made of high anti-rust stainless steel material. It also has the function of air-drying with compressed air, after the test is completed, the excess water in the drip box can be drained out to avoid long-term accumulation of water and scaling and clogging of pinholes ( air compressor is prepared by user).

● Oscillating tube drive: Adopts Chinese branded step motor, with features of low noise and high accuracy. The speed and rotate angle of oscillating tube are precision adjustable.

● Turntable drive: adopts Chinese branded step motor, can adjust the speed and angle by touch screen, and auto control the directions (fit for the samples to do live test).

● The sample power socket (AC220, 10A) is installed on the wall, and the power on and off time of the sample power can be controlled by the program: power off (0-999min)-power on (0-999min)-power off (0-999min), it is applied to do live test.

● Time setting for power: power off: 0-999min-power on: 0-999min-power off: 0-999min

● Control components: 7 inch touch screen+ Panasonic PLC. The electrical components are made by LS, Omron, etc. The wiring process meets the requirements of Chinese national standards, the layout of the electric board is reasonable, the wiring is firm, and the marking is clear.

● Preset IPX1, IPX2, IPX3 and IPX4 test procedures, users only need to select the waterproof level, and the equipment will perform the test in accordance with the standard requirements.

3. Specification



Tube Radius


Outer size (L*W*H)

1750*1500*1950 (mm)

Inner size (L*W*H)

1300*1300*1450 (mm)

Diameter of turntable


Bearing capacity of turntable


Lifting height of turntable


Rotation speed of turntable


Tilt angle of turntable

00 or 150 in horizontal direction

Turntable rotation method

Forward or forward and reverse alternation

Test time



Approximate 280kg

Working Power

AC 220V/50Hz, 1KW (single phase)

IPX1-2 Tests

Drip board size


Aperture of nozzle


Grid pattern


Delivery rate

IPX1=1mm/min, IPX2=3mm/min

Lifting height of drip board


IPX3-4 Tests

Radius of oscillating tube


Delivery rate

IPX3=1.8L/min±5%, IPX4=2.6L/min±5%

Inside diameter of tube


Aperture of nozzles


Spacing of the nozzles


Tube angle

1200 (IPX3), 3500 (IPX4) or user-defined

Rotation speed of tube

4s for 2*1200, 12s for 2*3600 or user defined

flow control method

Manual control

Material of tube

SUS304 stainless steel

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