IPX8 High Pressure Water Tank

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The waterpoof testing equipment is one of our main category, designed and manufactured according to IEC60529 for IPx1 to IPx9 tests. The shell is made of SUS304 stainless steel, and apply world-branded electrical components to ensure the stability of the equipment. For any special requirements, we can support customized design.

Below are some pictures for IPX8 high pressure water tank, we produced for our Mexico customer, the tank body is made of SUS304 stainless steel with thickness of 3mm or 5mm depends on the simulated water depth; a transparent tube is connected to the outside of the tank, and a stainless steel ruler is attached to the outer layer, so that the internal water level can be clearly observed; the lid is fixed with 12 ring screws, and fit with silicone sealing ring; equipped with a safety valve, can automatically releases the pressure after exceeding the rated pressure to prevent the operator from improperly operating and setting the pressure too high; the accuracy of the pressure sensor is up to 0.001Mpa. Due to the frequency and plug is differ from China, we changed as per the customer demends.


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