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LED Luminaire Goniophotometer

Description Goniophotometer test system is designed according to CIE Pub.NO.70, CIE121, IESNA LM-79, IESNALM-75 and etc. Model PG-1600

Double-Pillar Goniophotometer for LED Lightings

1. Test parameters

Spatial intensity distribution curve, cross section spatial intensity distribution curve, isolux distribution curve, luminance limitation curve,area luminous flux,luminaries efficiency, UGR glare class, total luminous flux,effective luminous flux,utilization factor, IES file and etc.

1)For Indoor Lighting fixture: upward light ratio, downward light ratio, max allowable spacing height ratio, luminaire limitation curve, utilization factor,budgetary estimate table.

2)For floodlight: half peak side angle, type B luminous intensity distribution data, zonal luminous flux distribution data, space luminous intensity curve.

3) For streetlight: max allowable spacing height ratio, upward light ratio, downward light ratio, zonal flux, luminous intensity, utilization factor.

2. Application

LED luminiare includes: floodlight, dowlight, panel light, streetlight

3. Reference Standard

1) CIE Pub. NO.70, “The Measurment of Absolute Luminous Intensity Distributions”

2) CIE DIV.Ⅱ-TC10, “Photometry of Luminaires”

3) CIE Pub.NO.76, “Photometry-the CIE Sytstem of Physical Photometry”

4) CIE 121-1996 “The Photometry of Goniophotometer of Luminaries”

5) IESNA LM-75 “Goniophotometer Types and Photometric Coordinates”

6) IESNA LM-79 “Electrical and Photometric Measurements of Solid-state Lighting Products”

7) IESNA-1971(73-96) “IES Practical Guide to Photometry”

8) IESNA 61341 “Method of Measurement of Center Beam Intensity and Beam Angle(s) of Reflector Lamp”

4. Configuration

Product namedecriptionQuantity

Double Pillars Goniophotometer with photo-detetor

380nm to 780nm, includes rotating console, photo-detetor, double channel photometer, cross-beam laser alignment device, clamps1 set

AC Digital Power Meter

range: 500V/20A, to test electric parameters1 set

CC&CV DC Power Supply

30V/ 10A, 300W max, output current: 0~10A, output voltage: 0~30V

1 set

AC power supply

Output power: 1000W, output frequency: 45.00~70Hz, ouput voltage: 0~300V1 set
Standard Lamps

Made by OSRAM,tracable to NIM, 380nm~780nm

2 pieces
Cabinet19 inch, with heat sink1 set
Softwareenglish software run under win 7 system1 piece

5. Parameters



Accuracy of photometry


Photometry linear


Stray light

less than 0.1%

Angle accuracy



Angle resolution

γ angle 0.10, C angle 0.10

Test distance


Can test max lamp (with lamp fixture) size

φ 1300*400(mm), 20KG, 2 lines 300V/10A, AC/DC

test solutions

1) Double pillars structure (B-β and A-α)

2) Single pillar structure (C-γ and conic coordinate)

6. Lab requirement

1) Dark room dimension: 3m(H)*2.5m(W)*8m(L) above, or designed according to lamp size and lab size. The rotating console and detector are put in dark room. Dark room (includes wall, ceiling and floor) should be coated with dull dark paint, or be covered with black carpet or black cloth.

2) Control room: 2.5m(H)*3m(W)*3m(L). The control cabinet, computer and printer are put in control room.

3) The temperature of dark room should be controlled by air conditioner according to CIE requirement.

4) Pego will provide lab design support according to actual conditions after order confirmed.

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