About Blue Light

Issuing time:2019-04-19 17:41

1. What is bule light?

Blue light does not refer to blue light, but refers to high-energy short-wave blue light with a wavelength between 400nm and 480nm, which has extremely high penetrating power. The blue light in this wavelength will increase the amount of toxin in the macular area of the eye, the death of light-sensitive cells, the gradual decline of vision, and even induce blind eye disease, which seriously threatens our fundus health. Blue light can be seen everywhere in daily life, but the proportion is generally within the normal health range, and has little effect on vision. Long-term exposure will make peoples eye feels burning, and it will be difficult to recover from the eyes.

2. Where does blue light come from?

Blue light exsists in a large number of artificial light sources such as LED screens, LED lights, and fluorescent lights. For example: mobile phones, computer monitors, fluorescent lights, LCD screens, LEDs, etc.

3. How can we detetor the blue light?

OHSP350B blue light hazard tester is a special equipment to fast detect, measure, screen and compare the blue light at site. Detection: quickly detect anti-blue light effects; Measurement: LCD displays measured values in real time; Screening: screen different anti-blue light functions; Comparison: Differentiate anti-blue light levels.

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