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GDS is a global company based on Italy, who has 40 years' experience in electronic devices, their engineer team contacted us via email and ultimately selected us as the supplier of draught-proof enclosure after evaluating several solutions from different vendors, we thank you for the trusty and repay it with high-quality equipment.

Draught-proof enclosure is a equipment applied to thermal test of luminaire under the conditions of normal operation and abnormal operation as per IEC60598-1 annex D. The draught-proof enclosure is rectangular, with a double skin on top and on at least three side, and with a solid base. The double skins are of perforated metal and sprayed with black matt paint, spaced approximately 150mm apart, with regular perforations of 1mm to 2mm diameter, occupying about 40% of the whole area of each skin. At the top of enclosure shall mounted a ceiling plate or a dismountable hanging bracket with a hook to fix the luminaire at the ceiling. At the bottom of side of enclosure shall install inlet hole for the purpose of wire connection. For the sake of install luminaire, the enclosure equip with a sample holder, as per the standard, 2-layer black solid-board is applied to fix the luminaire under test. The dimension of the draught-proof enclosure can be customized as per user’s requirement, the large draught-proof enclosure will be disassembled for shipment, but user is easy to assemble it, please check the assemble video at:

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