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Automatic Cord Reel Testing Machine 
Description: The automatic cord reel testing machine is designed according to IEC60335-1 clause 22.16 Model: PG-ACR

Automatic Cord Reel Testing Machine

1. Introduction

The automatic cord reel testing machine is designed according to IEC60335-1 clause 22.16. It is applied to check if the cord reel construction of household and similar electrical appliance will cause: 1) undue abrasion or damage to the sheath of the flexible cord. 2). breakage of conductor strands. 3). Undue ware of contacts. The automatic cord reel testing machine adopts multi-function fixture and large work plate, it can test up to 300cm reel, the test speed can be adjusted at the range of 1 to 40 times/min.

2. Test principle:

Two-Thirds of the length of the cord is unreeled. If the withdrawable length of the cord is less than 225cm, the cord is unreeled so that a length of 75cm remains on the reel. An additional length of 75cm of the cord is then unreeled and pulled in a direction so that the greatest abrasion occurs to the sheath, taking into account the normal position of use of the appliance. Where the cord leaves the appliance, the angle between the axis of the cord during the test and the axis of the cord when it is unreeled without substantial resistance is approximately 600, the cord is allowed to be recoiled by the reel. The test is carried out 6000 times at a rate of approximately 30 times/min or at the maximum rate allowed by the construction of the cord reel if this is less. After this test, the cord and cord reel are inspected.

2. Parameter

Test speed

1~40 times/min (adjustable)

Test times

0~9999 (The test will stop automatically after the specified number of test times)

Test Angle

300~700 (adjustable)

Drive way


Working air source (Air compressor)

5~7kg/cm2 (prepared by user)


Customized according to specimen

Working plate

Size: 600mm*600mm (customized)

Stretching stroke

Max. 1000mm (adjustable)

Working power


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