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Black Test Corner

Description Test corner is designed according to IEC60335-1 chapter 11 “heating”. Model PG-TCN

Temperature Rise Black Test corner

1. Introduction

Test corner is designed according to IEC60335-1 chapter 11 heating. It is applied to provide a standard required conditions for temperature rising test of electric appliance. The dimension and temperature measurement arrangement of test corner can be customized according to the sample under test.

The Black Test Corner is used for the measurement of the temperature radiated by different equipment during the tests from heating and abnormal operation. One is designed and made with the intention of determining the fulfillment of different standards as far as the registry from temperatures during the operation of the apparatus under test.

The Black Test Corner is conformed by a trihedral or tetrahedron one of black painting plywood, with a matrix of holes each 100 mm that allow to adapt thermocouples of measurement easily, specially designed for such case.

Thermocouples of measurement is of curved type K ( Ø0.3mm), mounted on terminal block, and in its end of measurement they have a copper disc of Ø15 mm and 1 mm of thickness. The amount of thermocouples is according to the necessity of the client.

2. Specification

1) Dimension: 1000*1000*1000mm (L*W*H, other size is customizable), includes two side boards, ceiling board (dismountable), floor board

2) Quantity of temperature measurement points: 136 points (floor board: 6*6=36, two side boards: 6*7*2=84, ceiling board: 4*4=16), start from the juncture of two sides boards and ceiling board and floor board.

3) Temperature measurement copper disk: dia. 15mm, thickness 1mm brass disk

4) Thermocouple: diameter no exceed 0.3mm, K type, 2m/piece (T type or J type optional)

5) Thermocouple arrangement: All the thermocouples shall lead to a line bank

6) Temperature measurement points arrangement: 100*100mm square, start from inner base.

7) Plywood: 20mm thickness, front panel is coated with dull black paint, real panel is attached with grey film plates.

8) It is moveable with 4 wheels, height: 100mm.

9) Temperature data logger is not include.

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