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Clip-Mounted Luminaires Test Device

Description The clip test device is designed to meet the test requirement of IEC 60598-1 clause 4.14.1 (test E) Model PG-CMD

Clip-Mounted Luminaires Test Device

1. Introduction

The clip test device is designed to meet the test requirement of IEC 60598-1 clause 4.14.1 (test E), it is applied for the pull force test of clip-mounted luminaires.

Test requirements: 1). A pull is applied on the cable without jerk for 1 min in the most unfavourable direction in normal use. During the test the clip is mounted on standard test "shelves" made of ordinary window glass, one with a nominal thickness of 10 mm and one with the maximum thickness onto which the clip can be mounted. For this test the thickness of the test shelf is increased by multiples of 10 mm. The clip shall not start moving on the glass at a pull of 20 N.   2). Clip-mounted luminaires shall, in addition, be tested on the metal rod having a polished chromium plated finish and a nominal diameter of 20 mm. The luminaire shall not rotate under its own weight and shall not fall off the rod when a pull of 20 N is applied on the cable. The test on a polished metal rod is not applied to luminaires marked "not suitable for mounting on tubular material".

2. Parameters

Control mode

Manual control

Test station


Frame structure

1). Made of aluminum alloy

2). Can place glass and clamp the glass tightly.

Size of glass

300mm(L)*300mm(W)*10mm (thickness)

Test metal rod

Φ20mm*1 polished chromium plated metal rod

Force device

Allow to apply 20N pull force at Clip


Φ20mm Metal rod*1, 20N weight*1


400mm*400mm*300mm (L*W*H)

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