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Draught-Proof Enclosure

Description Draught-proof enclosure is designed according to IEC60598.1 annex D Model PG-TML

Draught-Proof Enclosure for Luminaire

1. Introduction

Draught-proof enclosure is designed to meet the test requirements of IEC60598-1 annex D. It is for thermal test of luminaire under the conditions of normal operation and abnormal operation.The draught-proof enclosure is rectangular with a double skin on top and on at leat three sides, and with a solid base. The double skins are of perforated metal, space approximately 150 apart, with regular perforations of 1mm to 2mm diameter, occupying about 40% of the whole area of each skin.   

At the top of enclosure shall mounted a ceiling plate or a dismountable hanging bracket with a hooke to fix the luminaire at the ceiling. At the bottom of side of enclosure shall install inlet hole for purpose of wire connection. For the sake of install luminaire, a sample holder for streetlight and desk-top lamp is configured. As per the standard, 2-layer black solid-board is applied to fix the luminaire under test.

2. Specification



Outer dimension

L2100mm*W2100mm*H2150mm (customizable)

Inner dimension

L1800mm*W1800mm*H2000mm (Customizable)

Space interval


Door structure

single, double layer (outward open), 1800mm*800mm

Shell structure

double layer rectangular structure, made by 1mm cold steel plate (black matt paint)


ф1mm -ф2mm

Ventilation rate


Frame type

Sheet material, impact molding, not affect ventilation rate

Surface coating

black matt paint

Base board

plywood with matt paint, L2500mm*W2500mm*THK15mm

Ceiling mounting board

L600mm*W600mm, coating with black matt paint

Installation plate

0.6~1.0m in height adjustable, composite board with black matt paint

enable vertical or horizontal install luminaire, wooden table: 600*500mm, adopts aluminium lifting

Copper disk

Φ15m*THK 1mm, quantity: 10pcs

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