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Washing Machine Door Endurance Testing Machine

Description Endurance tester is designed according to IEC60335-2-11 and IEC60335-2-7 Model PG-ET01

Endurance Tester for Washing Machine

1. Introduction

Washing machine door endurance test machine can meet the requirement of IEC60335-2-7 clauses 18.101 and 22.104, IEC60335-2-11 clause 20.101 and IEC60335-2-4 clause 18, it is a special test equipment applied to life test of lid or door interlock of various washing machines and tensile force test when the interlock device acts to lock the door. The washing machine door endurance test machine can be set flexibly as per different washing machine. The test machine adopts PLC controller and touch screen, and the motor drives the transmission rod to reciprocate the switch movement. It can independently realize the reciprocating action of "opening and closing" the lid and door of washing machine. The rack is made by high grade aluminium alloy, and the door is fixed by a vacuum suction cup structure, which is easy to operate and easy to control.

2. Test principle:

Use the edited program to control the power-on and power-off of the interlocking device, drive the mechanical arm through the motor, and drive the door or lid that is sucked by the vacuum suction cup to reciprocate opening and closing at a certain speed, so as to verify the reliability of the interlocking device. A force sensor is installed on the mechanical arm, which forms a closed-loop control with the servo motor, and can precisely control the closing force value.

3. Parameter

Test stations

2, can independent test the drum washing machine and pulsator washing machine

Control system

PLC+7 inch touch screen

Drive mode

Servo motor

Sample clamping mode

vacuum suction cup, drive by pneumatic (user prepare the air compressor 0.5-0.7Mpa)

Speed of opening

0-3600/s (1.5m/s) presettable

Opening angle

0-1300 presettable

Test cycles

0-999999 presettable

Opening and closing force

0-200N presettable (The opening force is only for the tension test when the interlock device acts to lock the door)

Supply mains

0-250V adjustable

Test sample and its limitation

Electric tumble dryer, electric washing machine (includes drum washing machine with single-phase voltage≤250V, others ≤480V)

Centrifugal Dehydrator (load capacity ≤10KG, roller linear speed≤50m/s, single phase voltage≤250V, others ≤480V)

Equipment structure

a. Consisted by electrical control cabinet (built-in Load voltage regulator), test racks equip with mechanical arm

b. the drum washing machine and pulsator washing machine can be placed in 2 independent test racks, the test can be performed independently.

c. Dimension: L2500mm*W1300mm*H1300mm

d. Weight: 180kg

Working condition

a. power supply: AC220V±10%/50Hz, 6KW

b. Working conditions: 5-40℃ (A.T.), 20-80% R.H., 80-106kpa

Protection device

Leakage protection, over-load protection, short-circuit protection

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