A Korea Customer Bought the Finger Probes and Spring Hammers from Pego

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Bluenix is a comany from South Korea, They sent us an inquiry before the Chinese New Year about the finger probes and spring hammers, and confirmed the order very quickly although we have told them we would have a long holidays, the customer trust us and made the payment in time. We processed the customer's order immediately after the Spring Festival holiday and delivered the goods in time. Recently, the customer has received the goods and shared the pictures of the goods with us. We are very grateful to our customers for their trust, and we will certainly live up to the trust of every customer.

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An IK08/5J spring hammer was included in their order. IK08/5J spring hammer is not a standardized equipment recommended by IEC60068-2-75, normally 2J or below impact energies will be recommended to use spring hammer, and 2J or above impact energies will be recommended to use vertical hammer or pendulum hammer, the vevrtical hammer or pendulum hammer has limits to the specimen that cannot be moved or turned, but the spring hammer can be used in any position. But in reality, there are some specimens that cannot be moved or turned over for some reasons, but they need to be tested at the IK08 level, the 5J spring hammer is a good choice. Although the 5J spring hammer is not a standard product, its impact energy can be verified.

Pego can provide the solution for the IK tests, please contact sales@pegotester.com to get the details.

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