The precautions to ESD Immunity Test

Issuing time:2019-07-10 15:02Author:PEGO GROUPSource:PEGO GROUP

1. The table can not have metal components, the table (actually refers to the horizontal coupling plate) can not have conductive objects around, the objects can not put on the wall and the electrostatic discharge generator host, or under the table.

2. The resistance clamp and middle wire of resistance wire for connecting the coupling plate with earth cannot fall on the reference grounding plane, if the wire is too long , the middle wire can be fold.

3. The ESD generator host can not put on the coupling plate during the test.

4. The discharge ground return line is the main channel of the discharge current loop and should be deployed naturally, not near the coupling plate. Do not change the length, do not fold, and do not change the line.

5. For EUTs that are not powered by an independent grounding grid, pay attention to the difference in impedance of the power lines of each laboratory to the ground. Some EUTs that are sensitive to ESD current flowing through the power line may have large test differences. Especially when using an external power adapter without specifying the standard specifications, the test difference may be large.

6. The current electrostatic discharge generator has an automatic switching polarity switching function, which is convenient, but it should be noted that the switching interval takes one minute to restore the EUT from the previous test to the normal state.

7. For the joint between the EUT shell metal and the plastic, both the contact discharge (the tip of the gun against the metal edge) and the air discharge (to the gap) are tested.

8. Ensure good connected during contact discharge test, do not let the gun head spark.

9. The EUT Residual charge should be discharged each time when do the air discharge test. Commonly use the resistance wire to vent, but do not hold the wire with hand within the first 20cm to ensure that no secondary discharge.

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