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12KV, 1.2/50μs Impulse Voltage Generator

Description The impulse voltage generator has a no-load wave shape corresponding to the 1.2/50μs standard impulse specified in IEC 61180-1. Model LSG-255

Impulse Voltage Generator

1. Introduction

The impulse voltage generator (high voltage surge generator) is in line with the requirements of IEC60225-5, IEC60060, IEC60590, IEC60335-1, GB14711 and etc., it is applied to do insulating performance test of electrical and electroncs products like small power motor, low voltage electrical appliance, householding appliance, replay and etc. .

The impulse voltage generator has a no-load wave sharp corresponding to the 1.2/50ms standard impulse specified in IEC61180-1, the impulse test voltage is from 0.5KV to 12KV.

2. Features:

1) 7 inch LCD touch screen with multifunction, easy to operation and update software

2) Built in over-voltage, over-current, short circuit protection

3) Voltage error and no output warning

4) Chinese and English software available

3. Technical Parameters:

1) Open output voltage: 12KV (max)±5%

2) Frontier time: 1.2μs ±30%

3) Half-value time: 50μs ±20%

4) Output polarity: positive, negative, positive/negative automatically

5) Output impedance (optional): 2Ω,500Ω±10%;12Ω,500Ω±10%

6) Times: 1~9999 times

7) Surge interval: 3~999s

8) Working environment: 15℃~35℃ (temperature), 10%~75% (humidity)

9) Working power: 220V±10% AC, 50/60Hz

10) Dimension: 470mm*260mm*500mm (W*H*D)

11) Weight: 35KG

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