IP code system-first characteristic numerals

Issuing time:2015-11-18 18:33

IP code system is given by IEC60529, which indicates the degrees of protection provided by an enclosure against access to hazardous parts, ingress of solid foreign objects, ingress of water and to give additional information in connection with such protection. IP code system is consisted by code letters(IP, international protection), first characteristic numeral ( 0 to 6 or letter X, indicates protection degrees against access to hazardous parts and solid foreign objects), second characteristics numeral (0 to 8 or letter X, indicates protection degrees against ingress of water), additional letters (A to D, optional) and supplement letters(H,M,S,W). Generally, the additional letters and supplement letters can be omitted, the first and second numerals can be replaced by X if without the characteristic.

The first characteristic numeral implies two meanings:  

1.Enclosure provides protection of persons against access to hazardous parts by preventing or limiting the ingress of a part of human body or an object held by a person. Numeral 0 (IP0X) means non protected. Numeral 1 means with the back of a hand, verified by Probe A; Numeral 2 (IP2X) means with a finger, verified by probe B; Numeral 3(IP3X)means with a tool, verified by probe C; Numeral 4 to 6 (IP4X, IP5X, IP6X) means with a wire, which can verified with probe D.

2.Enclosure provides protection of equipment against the ingress of solid foreign object. Numeral 0 (IP0X) means non protected. Numeral 2 (IP2X) means with Φ50mm sphere, verified by probe 1; Numeral 3 (IP3X) means with Φ12.5mm sphere, verified by probe 2; Numeral 3 (IP3X) means with Φ2.5mm sphere, verified by probe C; Numeral 4 (IP4X) means with Φ1.0mm probe, verified by probe D. Numeral 5 (IP5X) means dust-protected, ingress of dust is not totally prevented, but dust shall not penetrate in a quantity to interfere with satisfactory operation of the apparatus or to impair safety. Numeral 6 (IP6X) means dust-tight, no ingress of dust. Both IP5X and IP6X can be verified with dust chamber.

According to IEC60529 clause 13.4, the dust chamber for IP5X and IP6X testing request talcum powder during the dust test, and the talcum powder used shall be able to pass through a square-meshed sieve the nominal wire diameter of which is 50μm and the nominal width of a gap between wires 75 μm. The amount of talcum powder to be used is 2kg per cubic meter of the test chamber volume. The talcum powder shall not have been used for more than 20 tests. JY-SC series dust-proof test chamber is completely meet the requirements. For more details, please contact: sales@pegotester.com.

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