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The black test corner is designed according to IEC60335-1 chapter 11 “heating”. It is applied to provide a standard required conditions for temperature rising test of electric appliance.The Black Test Corner is used for the measurement of the temperature radiated by different equipment during the tests from heating and abnormal operation. One is designed and made with the intention of determining the fulfillment of different standards as far as the registry from temperatures during the operation of the apparatus under test.

The Black Test Corner is conformed by a trihedral or tetrahedron one of black painting plywood, with a matrix of holes each 100 mm that allow to adapt thermocouples of measurement easily, specially designed for such case.

The dimension of the test corner can be customized as per the specimen, the test corner is consisted by two side plates, one bottom and one top plate (top plate is selectable), the top plate can be removed or fixed, bottom plate mounted on a structure with wheels, to allow his movement. Thermocouples of measurement is of type K ( Ø0.3mm), mounted on terminal block, so that user can connect with a temperature logger to track the temperature rising of each points; and in thermcouples end of measurement they have a copper disc of Ø15 mm and 1 mm of thickness.The amount of thermocouples is according to the necessity of the client.

So, the customer should clarify follow issues when make enquiry:

1. What size of test corner should be applied to test?

2. How many temperature measuring points (thermocouples) will be needed?

3. How to arrange the temperature measuring points?

4. The multiplex temperature logger should be purchased separately.

The following are several layout drawings for reference:


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