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Particulate Filtration Efficiency Test Machine

Description Particulate filtration efficiency test equipment is used for testing the filtration efficiency of particulate matter in daily protective masks, self-priming filter respirator for respiratory protection products Model PG-KZ03

Particulate Filtration Efficiency Test Machine

1. Introduction

Particulate filtration efficiency test equipment is used for testing the filtration efficiency of particulate matter in daily protective masks, self-priming filter respirator for respiratory protection products, and to determine the obstruction performance of ordinary fabrics and   melt-blown fabrics for constant airflow, it is designed according to GB32610-2016 “Technical Specification of Daily Protective Mask” and GB2626-2019 “Respiratory Protective Equipment-Non Powered Air Purifying Particle Respirator”, the equipment is used in medical device inspection center, safety protection inspection center, labor protection inspection center, drug inspection center, disease prevention and control center, textile testing center, hospitals, masks and melt-blown fabric manufacturers.

2. Features

● Control system: The computer controls the test process, automatically collects data, and configures a dedicated computer and test software.

● Control mode: Touch screen computer control, also can be operated by USB connection with mouse

● After the test is completed, a PDF test report can be automatically generated, and test data can be exported without worrying about data loss. The computer automatically tests the gas concentration, automatically calculates the filter efficiency; can save, output, query, copy and export the test data.

● The operation is simple: the user only needs to place the object to be measured in the fixture and press the button to adjust the test flow. The system will automatically test the filter efficiency through the controller (PLC). The whole process is simple, fast and efficient.

● The aerosol generator is used to produce continuous and stable aerosol particles, which is convenient for filling solution

● Using a high-precision particle concentration counter to measure the number of aerosol particles

● The whole particle anti-leakage design protects the safety of laboratory personnel

● The equipment comes standard with an aerosol generator (1 set): salt particulate aerosol generator (Customers can additionally choose 1 set of oily particulate aerosol generation)

● Equipped with aerosol particulate static neutralization device.

● Equipped with temperature and humidity sensor, real-time display of ambient temperature and humidity (temperature and humidity requirements: 25 ℃ ± 5 ℃, 30% RH ± 10% RH).

● Equipped with glass rotor flowmeter, vacuum pump, gas electromagnetic flowmeter.

3. Specification

Filter efficiency detection flowmeter range

10~100L/min, accuracy: class 2.5

Filter efficiency detection range


Filter efficiency sampling frequency

1~9999 times/min

Filter efficiency particulate concentration


Differential pressure sensor range


Count median diameter

0.075±0.02μm (Salt particles)

0.185±0.02μm (Oil particles)

Geometric standard deviation of particle size distribution

≦1.86 (salt particles)

≦1.60 (oil particles)

Dynamic detection range

0.001~100mg/m3, accuracy: 1%

Test area



Sodium chloride (DOP, DEHS, Paraffin oil and corn oil for optional)

Detection flow range

32L/min and 85L/min

Working power



English-Chinese Switchable

4. Standard requirement

Detection of KN-type filter elements with sodium chloride (NaCl) particles, and detection of KP-type filter elements with DOP (dioctyl phthalate) or oil particles with suitable properties (such as paraffin oil), during the testing process, the filter efficiency of each sample should always meet the requirements of the following table (GB2626-2006 table 2):

Filter elements

Detection with sodium chloride

Detection with oil particles



Not applicable






Not applicable






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