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Plug Torque Test Apparatus

Description Plug torque test device is designed according to IEC60065 figure 11 Model PG-PIT

Plug Torque Test Apparatus for Direct Plug-In Equipment

1. Introduction

Plug torque test device is designed according to IEC60065 clause 15.4.1 and figure 11, IEC60950-1 clause 4.3.6, IEC60335-1 clause 22.3, IEC60884-1 clause 14.23.2 and etc.. It is applied to check the main plugs mechanical strength of direct plug-in equipment. A device provided with pins intended to be introduced into fixed socket-outlets shall not impose undue strain on these socket-outlets, the torque shall not exceed 0.25Nm.

2. Working Pricinple

Compliance is checked by engaging the device, as during intended use, with the socket-outlet of a test apparatus. The balance arm of the test apparatus pivots about a horizontal axis through the centre lines of the contact tubes of the socket-outlet at a distance of 8mm behind the engagement face of the socket-outlet.

With the device not in engagement, the balancing arm is in equilibrium, the engagement face of the socket-outlet being in the vertical position.

After the device has been engaged, the torque to be applied to the socket-outlet to maintain its engagement face in the vertical plane is determined by the position of weight on the balance arm, the torque shall not exceed 0.25Nm.

3. Parameter

Distance between contact surface and axis surface


Force arm



0.25N 0.5N 1.25N 0.5N


all-purpose test socket*1 (apply to test GB and BS plugs)UL test socket*1 (apply to test UL plug), AS/NZS test socket *1 (apply to test AS/NZS plug)

Note: other plugs can be customized

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