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Transformer Winding Deformation Tester

Description Power transformer winding deformation tester combines frequency response analysis method and reactance method to test the winding deformation of power transformer 6KV above. Model HYRZ-902Z

Power Transformer Winding Deformation Tester

1. Introduction

Power transformer winding deformation tester is designed according to DLT911-2004 and DLT1093-2008, it combines frequency response analysis method and reactance method to test the winding deformation of power transformer 6KV above.

2. Features

1) Two test methods to accurately display the change of winding of power transformer.

2) Work along to finish the winding deformation test.

3) Reactance method can accurately response the change of impedance value of power transformer.

4) Frequency sweeping range is 10Hz to 10MHz, stable frequency output and high measurement accuracy.

5) Built-in miniprinter can print frequency response curve and test data.

6) Equip with 7 inch touch screen, Chinese-English language operation interface, easy to operate.

7) With diagnostic system, can auto judge the conditions of winding.

3. Parameters:

Frequency response analysis method

1) Linear sweep distribution

Frequency sweep range: 1KHz~2MHz (4000 frequency sweep points), resolution: 0.25KHz, 0.5KHz, 1KHz

2) Piecewise sweep distribution

0.5KHz~10KHz (2000 frequency sweep points)

0.5KHz~10KHz (500 frequency sweep points)

10KHz~100KHz (500 frequency sweep points)

100KHz~500KHz (500 frequency sweep points)

500KHz~1000KHz (500frequency sweep points)

3) User-defined

Frequency sweep range: 10Hz~10MHz (4000 frequency sweep points at most)

4) Sweep mode: linear or logarithm, sweep interval and points can freely set up

5) Attenuation amplitude measuring range: (-100dB) ~(+20dB)

6) Attenuation amplitude measuring accuracy: 0.1dB

7) Frequency sweep accuracy: 0.01%

8) Signal input impedance: 1MΩ

9) Signal output impedance: 50Ω

10) In-Phase test repetition rate: 99.5%

11) Input power: 220V±10%, 45~65Hz (AC)

4) Reactance method

1) AC Impedance measuring range: 0~999.999Ω, error: 0.2% RDG±2D

2) AC voltage measuring range: 0~600V, error: 0.2% RDG±2D

3) AC current measuring range: 0~120A, error: 0.2% RDG±2D

4) Active power test: cosφ>0.1, error: 0.5% RDG±2D; cosφ<0.1, error: 1.0% RDG±2D

5) Reactive power test: 0.2% RDG±2D

6) Frequency measuring range: 45~65Hz, error: <0.1% RDG

7) Working condition: 0~50, 85% (R.H.)

8) Weight: 10KG

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