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Scratch Tester

Description Abration resistance tester is designed according to IEC60950 clause and IEC60335-1 clause 21.2 Model PG-9583

Scratch Tester

1. Introduction

Scratch Tester also be called as abrasion resistance tester, it is designed according to IEC60950 clause and IEC60335-1 clause 21.2. It is applied to do scratch test for accessible parts of solid insulation of household appliance and printed circuit boards, to ensure the material has sufficient strength to prevent penetration by sharp implements.

The scratch resistance test uses a hardened steel pin for scratching. The end of the steel pin should be tapered with a apex angle of 40°. The tip should be rounded with radius of 0.25 mm ± 0.02 mm.

When performing the scratch test, scratches were performed at a speed of 20 mm/s ± 5 mm/s in a plane perpendicular to the edge of the conductor. The steel pin should be properly loaded so that the hardend steel pin can apply a force of 10N ± 0.5N along its axial direction. The scratch interval should be at least 5mm and at least 5mm away from the edge of the sample.

The scratch tester adopts the control system of PLC and touch screen, with good performance. Rotating the work surface makes it easy to realize the scratch test in both directions.

2. Specification:

Scratching speed

0~25mm/s (adjustable)

Test times

0~9999 times (adjustable)

Scratching spacing

0~50mm (adjustable)

Working table

900 rotation

Force applied

10N±0.5N (option: 30N±0.5N equip with 20N weights)

Scratching pin

Rounded with a radius of 0.25 mm ± 0.02 mm

Working power


Control system

PLC+touch screen

Drive mode

Stepping motor

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