The significance and classification of waterproof detection

Issuing time:2022-09-26 14:51Author:Pego ElectronicsSource:Pego Electronics

Water resistance testing is used to verify the effectiveness of protective covers, housings and gaskets that prevent water from penetrating the product; to verify the ability of the product to meet its performance requirements when and after exposure to water; to verify any physical damage to the product due to exposure to rain; to verify the effectiveness of any water removal devices and the effectiveness of the packaging. The waterproof testing equipment can provide realistic simulation of various environments such as water splashing and water jetting tests that electronic products and their components may be subjected to during transportation and use. In order to test the waterproof performance of various products.

According to the different effects of water on the product, there are many different test methods for water tests, such as dripping water test, spraying water test, jetting water test, immersion water test and etc.. Different standards put forward different requirements for water test according to the test purpose and test object, the most commonly used water test standards are IEC60068-2-18 (GB/T2423.38), IEC60529 (GB4208), ISO20653 and MIL-STD-80G (GJB150A).

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