Old client from Thailand bought 1set TIS166-2599 gauges and test probes from Pego

Issuing time:2021-09-15 17:08Author:Pego ElectronicsSource:Pego Electronics

Our old clients from Thailand, Chanaphorn Electric Co., Ltd, is specialized in electric appliance and accessories such as switches, sockets, plugs and lamp holders etc. for many years. They have purchased IEC60884-1 Figure 9 and figure 10 test probes in 2020. After one year cooperation, they place an order to Pego again and buy 1 set TIS166-2549 plug and socket gauges, test probe B and test probe 11. All of them are required with a calibration certificate issued by ISO17025. We’re so happy to cooperate with each other again.

TIS166-2549_Fig A1.jpgtest_probe_B.jpgtest_probe_11.jpg

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