The List of BS1363 Gauges for Plugs and Socket-Outlets

Issuing time:2019-11-27 10:28Author:PEGO GROUPSource:PEGO GROUP
Standard NumberDescriptionFigure numberQTY
BS1363-1 Test pinBS1363-1:1995 figure 11
BS1363-1 Apparatus for mechanical strength test on resilient coversBS1363-1:1995 figure 2a1
BS1363-1 Hardwood block for Figure 2aBS1363-1:1995 figure 2b1
BS1363-1 Gauge for plug pinsBS1363-1:1995 figure 51
BS1363-1 Apparatus for testing plug cover fixing screwsBS1363-1:1995 figure 61
BS1363-1 Mounting plateBS1363-1:1995 figure 71
BS1363-1 Plug pin deflection test apparatus for resilient adaptorsBS1363-1:1995 figure 81
BS1363-1 Apparatus for abrasion test on insulating sleeves of plug pinsBS1363-1:1995 figure 91
BS1363-1 Apparatus for pressure test at high temperaturesBS1363-1:1995 figure 101
BS1363-2 Go gauge for socket-outletBS1363-2:1995 figure 112
BS1363-2 Contact test gaugeBS1363-2:1995 figure 121
BS1363-2 Test apparatus and circuit for use with contact and non-contact test
BS1363-2:1995 figure 131
BS1363-2 Non-contact test gaugeBS1363-2:1995 figure 141
BS1363-2 Turning moment gaugeBS1363-2:1995 figure 151
BS1363-2 Withdrawal pull gauges for effectiveness of contactBS1363-2:1995 figure 162
BS1363-2 Test apparatus for temperature rise testBS1363-2:1995 figure 17a1
BS1363-2 Dummy front plate for temperature-rise testBS1363-2:1995 figure 17b1
BS1363-2 Apparatus for flexing testBS1363-2:1995 figure 181
BS1363-2 Solid link for test on fuse clipsBS1363-2:1995 figure 191
BS1363-2 Tumbling barrelBS1363-2:1995 figure 201
BS1363-2 Pendulum impact testBS1363-2:1995 figure 211
BS1363-2 Apparatus for pressure testBS1363-2:1995 figure 231
BS1363-2 Apparatus for ball pressure testBS1363-2:1995 figure 241
BS1363-2 Calibration jig for calibrate linkBS1363-2:1995 figure 291
BS1363-2 Test plug for temperature risingBS1363-2:1995 figure 301
BS1363-2 Apparatus for tests on adaptor pinsBS1363-2:1995 figure 321
BS1363-2 Apparatus for torsion test on pinsBS1363-2:1995 figure 331
BS1363-3Solid links for test on fuse clipsBS1363-3:1995 figure 381

The test gauges and test apparatus are made of SUS304 stainless steel and all of them can pass the calibration from third-party lab authorized by ISO17025, user can order all or part of them, please send inquiry with figure numbers, thank you!

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