What kind of water can be used for IP waterproof test?

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As per the standard IEC60529, the waterproof test should be conducted with fresh water; in practice, we will suggest to use pure water as test water, but according to the actual situation of customers, tap water is used the most. So what effect will be worked to the specimen with different water?

1. Effect on the sample

Some high-tech electronic products will conduct electrical measurements after the waterproof test is completed, so non-conductive water like distilled water or deionized water is used as the test water.

2. Effect on the waterproof test equipment

1). when use the tap water to conduct the test, there is a filter inside the device to filter the tap water, but there will still be impurities. If the water flow rate is too low, it will cause the needle to be blocked, which will affect the test result. So if use the tap water as test water, The water in the tank should be changed every 3 days, and check the filter regularly, once the filter turns to black, it must be replaced in time.

2). When use the corrosive water as test water, although it may be required by the test, the corrosive water will pollute and corrosive the waterway, nozzles, water tank and other accessories, so as to cause the leakage.

In summary, it is recommended that users use pure water as test water to reduce the probability of needle clogging and prolong the service life of the waterproof testing machine.

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