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Power Transformer Winding Deformation Tester

Description Power transformer winding deformation tester is adopts frequency response analysis Model HYRZ-902

Power Transformer Winding Deformation Tester

1. Introduction:

Power transformer winding deformation tester is adopts frequency response analysis to check if winding of power transformer deformed or not, meet the requirement of DTL911-2004.

2. Function and Application

1) To check winding frequency response when do the overhaul routine testing of power transformer.

2) To check winding frequency data as the characteristics information of power transformer before release.

3) Measure the frequency response data and compare with former data to check if winding deformed or not when short-circuit occur.

4) The test report can be output as WORD format.

5) Automatically evaluate the test result according to DLT-911.


1) The tester can work along to do the test of winding deformation of power transformer by frequency response analysis.

2) Frequency sweeping range is 10Hz to 10MHz, stable frequency output and high measurement accuracy.

3) Built-in miniprinter can print frequency response curve and test data.

4) Equip with 7 inch touch screen, Chinese-English language operation interface, easy to operate.

3. Parameters:

1) Linear sweep distribution

Frequency sweep range: 1KHz~2MHz (4000 frequency sweep points), resolution: 0.25KHz, 0.5KHz, 1KHz

2) Piecewise sweep distribution

0.5KHz~10KHz (500 frequency sweep points)

10KHz~100KHz (500 frequency sweep points)

100KHz~500KHz (500 frequency sweep points)

500KHz~1000KHz (500frequency sweep points)

3) User-defined

Frequency sweep range: 10Hz~10MHz (4000 frequency sweep points at most)

4) Attenuation amplitude measuring range: (-100dB) ~(+20dB)

5) Attenuation amplitude measuring accuracy: 0.1dB

6) Frequency sweep accuracy: 0.01%

7) Signal input impedance: 1MΩ

8) Signal output impedance: 50Ω

9) In-Phase test repetition rate: 99.5%

10) Dimension (mm): 300*340*120

11) Working conditions: -10~50℃, R.H.<90%

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